Bamdej Communication is based on a set of core values that go back several generations. I prioritize orderliness, hard work and value creation through deep and long-term relationships with our partners, sponsors, suppliers and customers.

Giv og forkæl
  Give and pamper

I believe that supporting and nurturing our close friends and business partners so that they may do the same for me, represents the essence of life. I strive to apply this philosophy of helping others and paying it forward as we navigate the business world. The more you give, the more you receive.

  Relationship building

For thousands of years, people have crossed paths and traded with each other in good faith. This will forever be the case when humans are around. Based on this premise, it is crucial for me to insist on good, constructive and long-term relationships. We humans do business with people we know, like and trust. 

  Lifelong learning

One of the most fundamental values in my overarching vision and self-perception relates to our persistent focus on development and learning from our mistakes and experiences in order to improve ourselves and our surroundings. I believe in the value of continuous development of our personal and professional abilities and skills. 

  Tradition & innovation

Without traditions, there is no solid foundation on which to build an organisation. Because traditions tell us where we come from and form the foundation of what we are as human beings. However, it is also important to constantly improve - to innovate - so that we do not get stuck. In other words, I respect and love traditions. Yet I insist on challenging these in a simultaneous context.

  Positive attitude

Life is truly short. Therefore, you have to welcome challenges and obstacles with open arms and a positive mind. Life is what you make of it. There are external factors that are beyond your control. But internal characteristics such as your self-conceptualization, self-esteem, mood, mindset and attitude perfectly determine whether you succeed in small or big endeavors in life. “Law of attraction” as it is also called in philosophical circles and studies.


Take responsibility and ownership of the processes, projects and tasks that you undertake. Only then can you make others respect you as a professional. Because if you want people around you to help you, you must learn to be helpful and show generosity, responsibility and last but not least credibility.


Some of the most important things in facilitating teamwork, upskilling employees, and creating a cohesive organisation are recognition and constructive feedback. It is something that I'm very conscious of. I therefore give others thorough feedback and are mindful to praise as much as criticise. Together we get better.

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