About Bamdej

Bamdej Communication ApS was founded and is run by Keyvan Thomsen Bamdej, who has a master’s degree from Roskilde University in 2015 with History and Journalism as his majors.

Since 2016, I have developed innovative projects, companies, and concepts as part of the Danish innovation environment.

Today, this is primarily done by engaging Danish and international journalist colleagues at TechBBQ, Scandinavia’s largest startup and tech conference, where I am currently a full-time Head of PR & Communications.

When I’m not busy with TechBBQ, I assist with journalistic work on a freelance basis, where I write articles, develop concepts, and produce videos, as well as offering classic PR skills in the form of press releases, sparring about how to manage and pitch stories to media.

I enjoy the versatility and variety in the tasks – and thrive on constantly wearing many professional hats. Authenticity, thoroughness, and quality are the keywords in everything I do.

As a customer at Bamdej Communication ApS, you get

As a person, I am curious, calm, patient, helpful, thorough, detail-oriented, and reflexive. In addition, I am good at creating structure around tasks and projects, forming an overview of opportunities, and making the arrow point forward:

“Where do we go from here?”

I do this in a proactive, trustworthy and professional manner.

I aim for my customers to always feel well treated – and taken well in hand, so that they experience that the collaboration produces noticeable results. That’s why I never deliver standard products either, but have a reputation for working seriously, original and hard to produce the best solutions.

As a genuine one-man army, it is the passion to help others professionally that drives the work. By using me, you get a wide range of skills, many years of experience and strong professionalism at a sharp price that the bigger agencies cannot compete with.

I am extremely conscious of always being easy and pleasant to work with, responsive, adaptable, able to deliver, and ahead of the curve so that the project does not fall behind.

I have yet to miss a single deadline.

My network

Depending on the complexity of the task, I have, over time, built a strong network of creative professionals who can be brought into play when the need arises.

As a customer of mine, you get access to my wide network within:

This network is brought into play when the right solutions have to be found for the customer – regardless of whether it is in Denmark or internationally. My network gives me a unique opportunity to make innovative projects, talents, CEOs, and entrepreneurs visible to a national and global audience – and thereby create value.
Keyvan Thomsen Bamdej & Larry Madowo : CNN - #1

How I work

I enjoy working closely with my clients. Preferably through long-term relationships (retainer), where I represent them as their communications lead. It is my experience that this way, we get the best and most valuable results. Let’s have a non-binding meeting – and talk about the need. When collaborating on a task, I work based on a work process that is based on five steps:


Initially, we set up a first meeting where we get to know each other better – and I become familiar with the nature of the task. Here, I ask questions with curiosity and actively listen to your challenges.


When the meeting is over, the nature of the task defined, tendering given and approved, and expectations agreed upon, I will tackle the task, whatever it is, research, and organization.


For the production itself, whether it is an article or a press release to be prepared or a video to be produced.

See my equipment HERE.


After production, there will be an approval process in the form of two rounds if it is a video recording so you can make sure that the content is as desired.


Delivery and evaluation is the last step, where you get the files to share on the website and social media, just as you can give me feedback on the content, so we can build on the collaboration for next time.


Do you have questions? Feel free to ask!


Tøv ikke med at kontakte mig for en uforpligtende snak.


Do not hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation talk.