Alt Om Iran

I developed a niche media from scratch to create space for alternative news and stories about and from Iran for the Danes. I succeeded in getting both partners and sponsors for the website – and achieved an enormous amount of goodwill from the large Iranian community in Denmark. In addition, over time I secured together with my co-editor a loyal following both on Facebook and at a handful of our physical events.

Since I myself have Iranian roots, “Alt om Iran” was a con amore project, which unfortunately no longer has an active editor. However, the development of “Alt om Iran” has given me insights into creating new media from scratch, just as I have also gained experience securing sponsors and partnerships.

If you want to develop your brand – e.g., a new medium – I can contribute with sparring and ideas on how best to get it on the air. You are welcome to contact me.

Learn more about “Alt Om Iran” HERE.

Title: “Anne og Anders tilbage til rødderne: Iran” (Eng: “Anne and Anders back to the roots: Iran” – (click the photo below to see the videolink on

Leading role: Keyvan Bamdej, 31 years

Producer: Per Dohm

Expires: 18. april, 2026

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