Copenhagen Talents

Since I think that in Denmark, we generally celebrate our entrepreneurs and talents too little, I set out to build a new concept, Copenhagen Talents, where I made 5-10 minute long video portraits with talents from various industries such as sports, culture, and occupation.

I intended to create compelling narratives with great authenticity, where the interviewee came into focus and was portrayed so that you could feel them much more clearly – and where they themselves were allowed to tell their story.

As a video journalist, I met with carefully selected talents on their home turf – in their right element – whether it was tennis, ice hockey, swimming, horse riding, fashion, technology, or architecture.

The productions are currently available on Biites, YouTube and

If you want portraits of your employees, talents, or customers, I can help produce these for you. You may also need to have developed a concept from scratch, so please contact me for a non-binding chat.

Learn more about the concept on Copenhagen Talents HERE.

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