Based on my experience in the intersection between media and entrepreneurship, I was headhunted as Head of PR & Communications for TechBBQ in August 2021 to build a communications department from scratch, which since has meant:

  • Employee and volunteer responsibility.
  • Mapping of 900 stakeholders, including 500+ tech and business journalists from all over the world.
  • Development of strategic communication plan and annual plan.
  • Tons of press work.
  • PR outreach to engage media to our annual Summit.
  • International travels to global events.
  • Interview with personalities within the tech world such as Robin Wauters, Larry Madowo, Des Traynor, Mike Butcher, Erika Cheung, Jeppe Rindom, Christian Bach, etc.
  • Development of new concept called “GRILLED by TechBBQ”.

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Apart from above, I have also been an organizer and interviewer on the following productions:

I myself have produced the following stories in 2022 and 2023:

As well as these productions in the run-up to TechBBQ 2021.

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