Impact the Future

In connection with Impact the Future’s debut conference in Sønderborg in 2021, I made two video productions from the event on behalf of TechBBQ and the organizers so that both received documentation from the event for future promotion.

While one of the two videos illuminated the event from an overall perspective, including participants and organizers, the second video showcased one of the keynote speakers, the architect Indy Johar, to unfold his perspective.

Both videos were used to promote the event to partners and collaborators. It was also meant to be viewed by people who did not have the opportunity to participate. In this way, the videos have a long commercial afterlife.

In addition to the regular footage from inside the building, some beautiful drone footage was shot outside the University of Southern Denmark’s building so that the surroundings near Als Sund and Sønderborg Bay were shown in all their pomp and splendor.

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